International Sustainable Development and Planning

The aim of our research at the professorship for International Sustainable Development and Planning (ISDP) is to make sound contributions to the international field of Sustainability Science and thus to advance it. To this end, we generate empirical findings that help to understand the causes of (un-)sustainability, that is, to unravel, elicit and comprehend systems of values, knowledge and institutions that foster and underpin sustainable transformations and human-nature relations.

Four main principles mark our research and its (ongoing) development: interdisciplinarity, collaboration, commitment with the science-society respectively -policy interfaces and responsibility.

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Head of Unit

  • Prof. Dr. Berta Martín-López

Research Associates & PhD Students

  • Marina Frietsch
  • Milena Groß
  • Roman Isaac
  • John Sanya Julius
  • Lukas Kuhn
  • Pramila Thapa

Affiliated Research Associates

  • Dr. Miguel Á. Cebrián-Piqueras
  • Dr. Amanda Jiménez-Aceituno


  • Gudrun Harms
Group photo of the ISDP team in a seminar room at Leuphana University ©A. Rodríguez Migueles/Leuphana
The ISDP team after its bi-weekly meeting in November 2021. From left to right at the back: John, Jasmine, Roman, Johanna (student assistant), Aymara and Milena. In front: Patricia (left) and Berta (right).