Forschung & Projekte

Assessing the stock performance outcomes, antecedents and preventive measures of organizational misconduct: An empirical and conceptual inquiry into unethical firm practices

This cumulative doctoral thesis is dedicated to the empirical and conceptual examination of the stock performance implications, antecedents, and preventive measures of organizational misconduct.

Selected publications:

Bouzzine, Y.D. (2021)Stock price reactions to environmental pollution events: A systematic literature review of direkt an indirect effects and a research agenda.
Journal of Cleaner Production, 316, 128305 (

Bouzzine, Y.D. & Lueg, R. (2020) The contagion effect of environmental violations: The case of dieselgate in Germany.
Business Strategy and the Environment, 29(8), 3187 - 3202 (



A Methodological Inquiry into the Validity and Reliability of Complex Constructs in Management Accounting – The case of “Value-based Management”

Even though value-based management has attracted considerable interest in academia, research struggles to provide a straightforward and replicable measurement approach to account for a firm’s value-based management activities. The purpose of the underlying research project is to advance the integration of a computer-based value-based management measure by assessing its reliability and validity for improved hypotheses testing in management accounting research.