CDC Bits

What are digital Cultures? DCRL Research Videos

Prof. Dr. Mar­ti­na Lee­ker, Paul Fei­gel­feld

In the video series CDC Bits the participants – scholars, artists, activists – choose their own filming environment and capture their input with a camera or their webcam in the format of a Vlog.

In a short video, the participants are invited to comment on the broad topic of Digital Cultures, touching on the following issues:

  • What are Digital Cultures?
  • What are the potentials of Digital Cultures?
  • What are the dangers of Digital Cultures?
  • What lies beyond Digital Cultures?

We thank all participants for their contributions.

blackhole-factory: The Flight of the SeaSwallow, artists statements
blackhole-factory is an independent electronic arts group working at the intersection of the performing and audio visual arts, integrating interactive technology and subversive low-tech aesthetics. The group has been funded in 1999 by Elke Utermöhlen and Martin Slawig.

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Patricia Clough, New York/USA: Digital Cultures
Patrica Clough is Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at the Graduate Center and Queens College. She is author of Autoaffection: Unconscious Thought in the Age of Teletechnology (2000).

Nikita Braguinski, Berlin: Games and Digital Cultures
Nikita Braguinski is working in the field of epistemology of media and the sound of electronic toys. He was teaching assistant at Humboldt University Berlin, Department for Media Theory.

Peter Bexte, Köln: „Digitale Kulturen sind …?“
Peter Bexte is Professor for Aesthetics at Kunsthochschule für Medien in Köln. His research is History of Science and History of Aesthetic.