Post-Media Lab

The Post-Media Lab (PML) at Leuphana University of Lüneburg links global debates around media activism, art and politics with the work of local initiatives and collectives.

The Post-Media Lab, which in its initial phase from 2011 to 2013 was coordinated and curated by Clemens Apprich, Josephine Berry, Anthony Iles and Oliver Lerone Schultz, investigates the potential of post-media practices by drawing upon Felix Guattari’s concept of social and media assemblages, which unleash new forms of collective expression and experience.

The Post-Media Lab is collaborating with London-based Mute Magazine, which has been published under the slogan of “culture and politics after the net” since 1994, and is embedded within a regional and transnational network from the fields of media, art, and science. During the initial phase, it participated in a series of public events in the Lüneburg region, Europe and beyond.

Between 2012 and 2013 the work of the Post-Media Lab was structured around four topics: Connecting People Apart (January to June 2012), The Subsumption of Sociality (July to December 2012), The Question of Organization After Networks (January to June 2013), Life versus Object. Comrade Things and Alien Life (July to December 2013).

During this time the Post-Media Lab was operating on three levels:

  • Visiting fellows: Each semester, three visiting fellows from the fields of art, science, and technology were invited to debate and develop engaged post-media practices. The Post-Media Lab offered them the opportunity to critically reflect on issues relating to digital media and net culture. 
  • Translocal public: The work of the Post Media Lab was made accessible to the wider public through its online documentation platform, as well as through regular discussions, exhibitions and topic-related publications.
  • Transnational network: The Post-Media Lab has established a transnational network comprising critical media and art projects as well as social and political actors interested in creating and sustaining alternative media infrastructures.

The Post-Media Lab was established through MANEC, a media art module offered within the scope of the European regional development project Lüneburg Innovation Incubator, and in cooperation with the Centre for Digital Cultures.

The Post-Media Lab remains to be an active node within its regional and transnational network and continues its event and publication activity according to the needs of this network.

Post-Media Lab Book Series

The Post-Media Book series is a collaboration between the London-based Mute Magazine and the Post-Media Lab. Free downloads of the books are available here


  • Prof. Dr. Clemens Apprich

Former Fellows

  • Cárdenas, Micha
  • Dockray, Sean
  • Farkas, Rózsa
  • Hadzi, Adnan
  • Howse, Martin
  • Kemp, Jonathan
  • Mars, Marcell
  • Neubronner, Susanne
  • Queisner, Moritz
  • Savicic, Gordan
  • Smite, Rasa
  • Stevens, James
  • Wilkins, Inigo


Read more about the structure, activities and collaborations of the Post-Media Lab on the project blog

From 2011 to 2013, the Post-Media Lab was part of the Lüneburg Innovation Incubator.