Reconfiguring Anonymity

One of modernity’s most fundamental cultural techniques, the way we practice and imagine anonymity, is undergoing significant changes. Current and future digital media technologies transform established concepts and practices of doing and undoing anonymity.

The Project Reconfiguring Anonymity – Contemporary Forms of Reciprocity, Identifiability and Accountability in Transformation generates a series of extended ethnographic case studies, ranging from the production of social media, to the interaction between citizens and police, infrastructures and usage of banking and credit cards, and anonymity regimes of gamete donation in reproductive medicine. The project cluster consists of researchers from the Universities Bremen, Hamburg and Leuphana, is coordinated by Prof. Michi Knecht, (Bremen) and funded by the program “Key Issues for research and Society” of the VolkswagenFoundation.

The Centre for Digital Cultures hosts two of the projects of this cluster:

For further information, please visit the website of the project cluster: