No Border Academy Media Map

The No Bor­der Aca­de­my Me­dia Map is an open-sour­ce car­to­gra­phic ar­chi­ve dis­play­ing text, images, vi­de­os and hy­per­links at geo-lo­ca­ted spots in the Lüne­burg and Ham­burg are­as, with a po­ten­ti­al ex­ten­si­on across Ger­ma­ny or even Eu­ro­pe. The ba­sic idea is sim­ple: click on an icon and a pop-up tells you so­me­thing about what goes on in that spot. Zoom out to see whe­re it is, zoom in to see ex­act­ly how to get the­re. De­ve­l­o­ped for use by re­fu­gees, the map will pre­sent vi­tal ori­en­ta­ti­on in­for­ma­ti­on con­cerning go­vern­ment ser­vices, ur­ban ame­n­ities, mee­ting pla­ces and wel­co­me in­itia­ti­ves. A se­cond lay­er, hi­d­den by de­fault so as not to clut­ter up the map, shows many ty­pes of in­for­ma­ti­on about No Bor­der Aca­de­my ac­tions and events, such as info ses­si­ons, lec­tu­res pre­sen­ted by mi­grants, col­lo­quia, so­li­da­ri­ty de­mons­tra­ti­ons, etc. Made with open-sour­ce soft­ware (Open­lay­er­s3+Open Street Map), this car­to­gra­phic ar­chi­ve is re­s­pon­sive to mo­bi­le de­vices. It can be used as a ba­sic path-fin­ding tool as well as a hel­pful in­for­ma­ti­on sour­ce to na­vi­ga­te com­plex bu­reau­cra­cies. It also ser­ves as a “mo­ve­ment me­mo­ry” for all tho­se in­vol­ved in the No Bor­der Aca­de­my, whe­ther mi­grants, asyl­um-see­kers or re­si­dents. The world is on the move and peop­le need li­bra­ries with street signs and cle­ar di­rec­tions. The No Bor­der Aca­de­my Me­dia Map is a step in this new di­rec­tion.

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