Scoring—Analysis of the Social Credit System in the PRC and Scoring in the West

The joint project "Scoring - Analysis of the Social Credit System in the People's Republic of China and Scoring in the West" comprises two academic partners (University of Witten/Herdecke | Leuphana University).

Through the cooperation of different project partners from computer science and cultural studies as well as health sciences under the coordination of a project partner from Chinese studies, the scoring topic is examined for the first time in individual aspects, compared interculturally and thus analyzed across disciplines.

The overall goal of the SCORING research project is to build and share comparative China expertise in the field of quantitative scoring of actors, known on the China side as the Social Credit System (SCS), which is modeled after Western financial credit assurance systems such as SCHUFA. We aim to improve understanding of the complex mix of governmental, private, and academic assessment and evaluation of individuals and of organizations in China, its partner countries, and Europe, and to share lessons learned to foster collaborations.

The project aims to work primarily on the focal areas of digital transformation, the development of innovation ecosystems, and the state of health systems, and to build and communicate relevant China expertise.

The project is interdisciplinary between China science, computer science and cultural and health science and sees itself as an innovative joint project, supported by two universities. The SCORING project links universities, research institutes and companies and aims to exploit the results itself in a practice-relevant way through courses and by means of materials for training institutions. The project researches interculturally in the context of excellent international networking the complex of social, academic and body-related scoring and opens up the results thus obtained from the perspective of Sinology/Chinese studies, computer science and cultural studies as well as medical theory and health science to the scientific public and active and potential actors of European and German-Chinese cooperation, especially in science, health and business.

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  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Warnke
  • Christin Nax