Research Database

Online Archive

The research index FOX is Leuphana’s directory of projects, publications and research activities. It makes the public contents of the internal research information system Pure accessible to the interested public. As an online archive, it is an independent additional service to the university's website. FOX is available in English and German.

Leuphana University has been using a Current Research Information System (CRIS) since 2011 to systematically record its research activities. The system includes the university bibliography since the year 2000 and third-party funded projects from 2009 onwards.

Publications are imported from relevant sources or entered manually. Other information relevant to research is made available by administrative systems. Researchers maintain their portfolios via individual user accounts and are supported by qualified editors and by the Pure Database Team.

Important note:

The researchers at Leuphana University decide individually which entries are made accessible in the public research directory. Therefore, the online archive is not suitable as a database for reviews or evaluations. Please contact the Leuphana Research Office for assistance if required.