By interweaving the three fundamental structural elements of artistic-aesthetic practice, specialised science and specialised didactics, the subject "Art and its Mediation" at Leuphana University Lüneburg is geared towards artistic art mediation that can be applied in various cultural and social areas.
The orientation towards art also implies aesthetic and media-based everyday practices as well as an examination of the manifestations of alterity. It forms the central starting point for art education thinking and action and refers to the educational relevance of the aesthetic. This requires the development of a learning and research attitude that enables professional action in aesthetic processes and independent processual work.

The following knowledge and skills correspond to this concept of the subject "Art and its mediation":

The development of an independent artistic-aesthetic practice;
the ability to analyse, interpret and construct images and works of art in terms of reception and production;
Subject-specific knowledge and skills (diachronic/synchronous);
specialised didactic knowledge, applications and transfers;
Media criticism, knowledge, use and design;
Social competence (sensus communis aestheticus).

The subject "Art and its mediation" works with a variety of artistic and aesthetic methods and processes. The pedagogical dimension is understood as the art of teaching. This means that the theoretical orientation and foundation of the subject is more comprehensive than an exclusively pragmatic understanding of teaching and research orientated towards the school. Teaching and research are to be thought of as exclusively intertwined.

Art education is more than a "service application" for the interpretation of works; in the best case, it can itself take on artistic traits. The aim of the subject "Art and its mediation" is to enable students to develop an aesthetic mentality that includes media skills and abilities, experimental actions, imaginative and speculative designs as well as a pronounced critical power of judgement.