Music Practice

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Teaching and Learning receive individual instrumental tuition throughout their Degree. Aural Studies, Harmonic Analysis, Studio Recording Projects, Ensemble Conducting and Performance, Improvisation, Vocal Coaching and Solo Performance are all included within the structure of our highly comprehensive course. An emphasis is placed on exploring music from a wide variety of cultures, styles and genres. Students electing a Music Major within their Humanities Degree also participate in Music Theory and Aural Studies classes. The Early Childhood Music programme features concepts ready for practical implementation and was developed in collaboration with early childhood education specialists. An extensive extra-curricular music programme is also offered to all staff and students of the university, with regular and well-attended performances being a highlight of each semester. Under the expert guidance of leading industry professionals, participants may choose to join the Orchestra, Choir, Chamber Choir, Big Band, Chamber Music Ensembles or World Music Ensemble.


The Department’s research activities are based on educational and cultural theories. Disciplines range from Ethnomusicology to Popular Music Studies, from Musicology to Empirical Music Education

Current research projects include:

  • The impact of digital media on creative and educational processes
  • Local and regional music scenes
  • Memory Studies
  • Music and Gender
  • Popular Music Studies
  • Biographies of musicians


In the Teaching and Learning curriculum, in addition to music-content subjects (harmonic analysis, compositional structures, voice-leading, arranging), we offer seminars specifically related to educational theories and best-practice in the music classroom for both primary and secondary levels. We also offer modules within the Leuphana Bachelor (Minor Popular Music Studies, Major Cultural Studies), the Masters Degree of Culture, Arts and Media and the Bachelor of Early Childhood Music.


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