German language didactics

The main focus of the professorship for "Didactics of the German Language" lies in the teaching processes of literal competences. Here, we pay special attention to oral and written aspects in all language teaching/learning contexts. The diagnosis and support in the field of individual learning needs is particularly important to us.

Together with the staff, we have built up the specialized library "Language" with literature and specific offers as a learning and working space. In this way, projects such as "LehrWEP", „SprachBiP“, „PluraL“, "S3" or „Förderunterricht Deutsch als Zweitsprache“ (see below) can each be developed further and thus continue to initiate, promote and accompany voluntary work by students in cooperation with various practice partners*. Students can acquire the DaZ certificate parallel to their compulsory studies under the responsibility of the professorship.


The department "Didactics of the German Language" cooperates with school and non-school partners in order to support children, adolescents and young adults in the acquisition of the German language and to open up fields of practical experience for students. You can find the partners >>here.

In addition, there is a cooperation with the Language Education Center Lüneburg.



The professorship's predominantly empirical research and transfer work is particularly interested in the national and international connectivity of written language education. Exemplary for this are also advisory activities and networking for the review of the educational standards in German. The language education developments and transfer work in ERLE provide insights into improved comprehension and production possibilities in heterogeneous learning groups. Texts and text writing appropriate to the target group play a special role. This is also documented in collaborative publications.

Through cross-phase development and transfer projects at the ZZL, we strengthen practical classroom design and the implementation of subject-specific digital innovations. In the projects LEHRWEP and CODIP, the focus is currently on the further development of individual courses.

Research Projects

Detailed information on ongoing and completed research projects can be found on the personal website of Prof. Dr. Astrid Neumann.



  • Prof. Dr. Astrid Neumann

Research Assistants

  • Inga Buhrfeind
  • Luise Charlotte Wendt


  • Bianka Bönsch
  • Nina Pries