The project SpraBiP is designed as a service-learning project and follows on from the previous projects "Plural", "Plural-Q" and the project #zusammenkommen". The "SpraBiP" project focuses on students who are learning German as a second language: The students are supported by student teachers to cope with the school requirements of distance learning and to use multilingual potentials.

At the same time, student teachers acquire practical skills for education in a globalized and digitalized world. The engagement of students builds a bridge between the school requirements and the (multi-)linguistic skills as well as the linguistic support needs of the students. It opens up spaces of interaction in which the students' educational language skills and thus their participation in education are encouraged.

The theory-practice connection thus differs from regular practical phases in the teacher training program: In a win-win situation, a) students receive individual support, b) student teachers have the opportunity to practically test and further develop their personal, subject-specific and subject-didactic-methodological competencies. This individual freedom is to be arranged by the students themselves and is not pre-structured by classroom visits.

Students and practice partners receive support in the specialized language library. Synergy effects also arise with the CODIP project.

The following project measures are planned:

  • Expansion of a network of university, school and extracurricular partners
  • Professional support for students
  • Cooperation with the CODIP project
  • Cooperation with teachers
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