Freelance writer. In addition to countless scholarships, honours and awards, she received the Georg Büchner Prize in 2012. Numerous poetry lectureships and guest professorships at home and abroad.


The debut 'Picnic of Hairdressers' (1996) was followed by 'Pigafetta' in 1999, 'Paradises, Overseas' in 2003, 'Criminals and Failures' in 2004, 'Johanna' in 2006, 'Iwein Lion Knight' in 2008, 'Seven Treasures' and 'The Best Place in the World' in 2009, 'Adventure - What Is It?' in 2010, 'Green Egg with Bacon' in 2011 and the fictional biography 'Hoppe' in 2012. 2018 saw the publication of the latest novel 'Pravda. An American Journey'.

Honorary doctorate

The Leuphana University of Lüneburg awarded the writer an honorary doctorate in 2016 for, among other things, "her extreme linguistic precision and reflection and her fulfilment of the scientific and artistic ideal of a close interlocking of speaking, writing and acting in the (responsible) consciousness of language". So there was no other prize on the programme, no poetry lecture, no talk, no commissioned work and no PR tour for a new book. It was simply about dignity and honour. But how do you honour properly? Even more so a writer who herself likes to reflect on questions of honour and crowning in her works. We decided on a disputation ...

Felicitas Hoppe / Ulrike Steierwald: How to honour properly?

Laudatio and thanks - On the occasion of the award of the honorary doctorate to Felicitas Hoppe, dies academicus on 6.7.2016, Leuphana University Lüneburg.

Video documentation of the "Disputation"

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