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Law and Transformation

In the winter semester 2023/24 (beginning: 01 October 2023), the newly founded Joachim Herz Doctoral School will start its structured Ph.D. programme on Law and Transformation at Leuphana University Lüneburg. This project is funded by the Joachim Herz Foundation.

The Ph.D. programme deals with fundamental questions in jurisprudence that arise from societal transformations and – connected to this – from the transformations of law itself. Phenomena such as digitalisation, constant social change as a result of demographic changes, as well as various crises and conflicts, such as the Corona pandemic, the climate crisis, or the Ukraine war, pose immense challenges to the law. They not only require an adaptation of the law, but also lead to a change of its role.

Against this background, the Joachim Herz Doctoral School funds research projects on the following topics:

The focus of the research programme on these issues serves the goal of making a sustainable contribution to the future viability of democratic societies and determining the role of law in dealing with pressing contemporary issues and the permanent demands of transformation.

Call for Applications

For the winter semester 2023/24, the Joachim Herz Doctoral School invites applications for

  • places in the structured Ph.D. programme,
  • Ph.D. scholarships.

The deadline for applications is 11 June 2023 (23:59 CEST).

The structured Ph.D. programme on the overarching research topic of "Law and Transformation" (cf. here) is designed to last four years and leads to the award of the German doctorate in law (Dr. iur.) by the School of Public Affairs at Leuphana University Lüneburg upon successful completion.

The Joachim Herz Doctoral School awards up to nine doctoral scholarships for participation in this programme (cf. here). The amount of the monthly grant is 1,650€ (+ 100€ allowance for material costs). In addition, travel subsidies and child allowances can be granted.

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