Leuphana Law School

Law at Leuphana

Leuphana Law School is a cooperation of legal scholars employed at Leuphana to work together in research and teaching. Research has an international and interdisciplinary orientation in the sense of "law in context", and is concerned with current social challenges. In teaching, the model law degree programme (starting winter semester 2022/23) will for the first time establish a link between the bachelor's / master's structure and the state law examination. At Leuphana College, we are responsible for the major and minor in law (Corporate and Business Law) as well as for the internationally oriented minor in Comparative Economic Law. The master's programmes and the doctoral programme Dr. jur. also have an international and interdisciplinary orientation.




Professorship for Law and Economics (in cooperation with the Center for Methods)
(vacant position)

Professorship for German and International Private Economic Law and Comparative Law
Prof. Dr. Lesley Jane Smith, FRSE

Professorship for German, European and International Private and Corporate Law, Comparative Law
Prof. Dr. Alexander Schall, M.Jur.

Professorship for Civil Law, Comparative Law, Private International Law, Criminal International Law
Prof. Dr. Axel Halfmeier, LL.M.

Professorship for Civil Law, Transnational Private Law
Prof. Dr. Johanna Croon-Gestefeld

Professorship for Civil Law, in particular Transnational Private Law
(vacant position)

Professorship for Civil Law, History of Law and Comparative Law
Prof. Dr. Kristin Boosfeld

Professorship for Civil Law, Labor Law, Theory of Law
Prof. Dr. Volker Stief

Professorship for Public Law, European and Public International Law
Prof. Dr. Jörg Philipp Terhechte

Professorship for Public Law, in particular Philosophy of Law
(vacant position)

Professorship for Public Law in particular Constitutional and Administrative Law
Prof. Dr. Till Patrik Holterhus

Professorship for Tax Law/Business Taxation
Prof. Dr. Alexander Barth

Professorship for International Tax Law, in Particular Foreign Transaction Tax Law
Prof. Dr. Claus Herfort

Professorship for International Law and Dispute Resolution
Prof. Dr. Christian Tams

Professorship for German and European Criminal Law
Prof. Dr. Suzan Denise Hüttemann

Professorship for Criminal Law
(vacant position)


The goal of research at Leuphana Law School is the development of transnationally oriented legal studies that turn towards the social sciences, empiricism and practice in order to find answers and solutions to social concerns of the 21st century. The interdisciplinary and international research profile emphasises socially and politically relevant topics, especially the regulation of society and economy in the context of globalisation.

By establishing the School of Public Affairs, we strengthen cooperation with economics and political sciences and focus on the opportunities, conditions, and effects of state action.


After completing the Master's programme, students have the opportunity to obtain a doctorate with the degree of Dr. iur. in the research topics of the professorships.

The doctoral procedures at Leuphana Law School are carried out in the two doctoral colleges



Joachim Herz Doctoral College in Law