Semester 1

Winter term 2023/24

Lecture "Research Methods in Legal Science"

  • Lecturer: Dr. Matthias Packeiser

The course provides fundamental knowledge of scientific work at doctoral level in the field of law. This includes, inter alia, addressing questions about the nature of legal research, working with different research methods, structuring comprehensive research papers in terms of content and argumentation and, in particular, the topic of "Law in Context".


Seminar "Law and Transformation"

Christopher R. Rossi ©Professor Christopher R. Rossi
Christopher R. Rossi ©Professor Christopher R. Rossi
Christopher R. Rossi ©Professor Christopher R. Rossi

The Joachim Herz Doctoral School of Law had the pleasure of welcoming Professor Christopher R. Rossi, Ph.D., to Lüneburg from 27 to 29 November. At this occasion, he gave a seminar on fundamental aspects of transformative developments under international law.

On the first day, Professor Rossi laid the theoretical groundwork for the seminar with insights from his recent research on the role of zones and areas in the current state system and the impact of uti possideitis on its very foundation. On the following two days, he then addressed topics such as global water scarcity, the role of rivers in international relations, the global struggle for resources, and the importance of the artic for both global climate and international trade.

For further readings, take a look at his recent publications:


Seminar "The Good Scientist - A Seminar on Research Integrity"

The seminar concerns raising awareness and preparing doctoral students for ethically correct and responsible research activities before starting research projects. The goal is to integrate ethical considerations already in the planning phase of the doctoral journey.

The following key questions will guide the course:
- What is research ethics? What is good scientific practice?
- What does responsible research mean for my research field?
- What are the concrete implications of research integrity guidelines for my dissertation project?
- How can I contribute to a research community with integrity as a researcher?


Colloquium: The Belgian Klimaatzaak Judgement

On 8 January 2024, the Joachim Herz Doctoral School welcomed two guest speakers to a digital colloquium who took this opportunity to present their findings on the noteworthy Klimaatzaak ruling of the Brussels Court of Appeal of 30 November 2023 (cf.: link):

  • Alice Briegleb, PhD student at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She conducts research on the liability of companies in the fight against climate change (under the supervision of Prof. Dr Benoit Frydman).
  • Antoine De Spiegeleir, PhD student at the European University Institute. In his doctoral thesis, he deals with the topic "Narrating International Law at the World Court" (under the supervision of Prof. Dr Neha Jain).

Their review of this judgement was published on the Verfassungsblog on 5 December 2023 under the title "From Urgenda to Klimaatzaak: A New Chapter in Climate Litigation" (cf.: here). The lawsuit was filed by the NGO Klimaatzaak (which was supported by around 58,000 citizens) against the current Belgian climate protection measures. In the second instance, the Brussels Court of Appeal has now ordered the Belgian federal state and the regions of Flanders and Brussels to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

After an introduction to the ruling, the fellows of the Joachim Herz Doctoral School discussed with the speakers current issues of international environmental law, the tendency of national courts to pass judgement on the climate protection measures of their respective governments, as well as legal theoretical and political issues raised in this context (e.g. regarding the separation of powers or the judicial dialogue between domestic courts of different nations).

We would like to thank Alice and Antoine for their fascinating presentation and the insightful discussion.


Guest Lecture "From War to Peace: Challenges in Post-Conflict Transformation"

Strasheim ©Dr. Julia Strasheim (BKHS)
Dr. Julia Strasheim (BKHS)
  • Lecturer: Dr. Julia Strasheim (link)

On 18 January 2024, Dr Julia Strasheim gave the members of the Joachim Herz Doctoral School of Law exciting insights into the topic "From War to Peace: Challenges in Post-Conflict Transformation".  

Dr Strasheim is deputy managing director of the Bundeskanzler-Helmut-Schmidt-Stiftung (link), where she is responsible for the "Europe and International Politics" programme line. As a political scientist and conflict researcher, she has extensive expertise with regard to questions concerning the challenges that societies have to deal with after - but also during - conflicts and especially wars.

Her guest lecture (on the premises of the Joachim Herz Foundation) inspired the fellows of our doctoral school. Dr Strasheim provided well-founded insights into the subject matter, which she was able to gather through her research, her practical experience in conflict resolution, and, in particular, through her work for the BKHS. In a subsequent discussion round, it was then up to the Fellows to ask questions, contribute new perspectives, and share their own experiences.

We would like to thank Dr Strasheim very much for her exceptional presentation.

Semester 2