Public law, in particular constitutional and administrative law

Prof. Dr. Till Patrik Holterhus, MLE, LL.M. (Yale) and his team work in the entire field of public law with a particular focus on German and EU foreign relations law. Additional foci are the law of the European Union, the European Convention on Human Rights and public international law incl. international economic law. The work of the department is based on a scholarly approach that does consider (German) public law not as an isolated domestic legal system, but rather from a perspective of an "international public law" that is vertically embedded in multi-level structures.


Professorship holder

  • Prof. Dr. Till Patrik Holterhus MLE. LL.M. (Yale)

Research Assistants

  • Eva Isabell Martin
  • Tuba Sari
  • Caspar Alexander Weitz
  • Janosch Wiesenthal

Scientific project team members

Sven Siebrecht

Student assistants

Marie Bärenwaldt, B.A.
Nicola Dannenbring


  • Jutta Krenz