Business Information Systems

At Leuphana College, you will acquire not only specialist knowledge but also interdisciplinary skills through the interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics.

After completing your studies, you will be able to independently develop and convincingly present solution strategies in a national and international working environment.

Already during your studies, you can get to know relevant fields of employment for business informatics specialists through qualified internships as well as your own research and practical projects and find out which field of activity you can be enthusiastic about.

The following overview shows you possible fields of work for graduates of Business Informatics (additional qualifications may be required).

  • Organisation/ System Analysis
  • Programming/ Software Development
  • Consulting
  • Distribution

Organisation/ System Analysis

  • Systems Analyst: Primarily concerned with the analysis and evaluation of existing systems, the design of new software systems and the selection and evaluation of standard software
  • IT Project Manager: Manage and organize IT projects independently. You manage larger areas of responsibility, including personnel and budget responsibility, and lead employees
  • ERP System Administrator: Configure, operate and maintain ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications
  • Information Manager: Researching where and how information and communication technologies can be used sensibly, developing suitable application techniques to improve operational processes and monitoring whether these strategies are used economically

Programming/ Software Development

  • IT Developer: Planning, managing and controlling IT development projects in consideration of legal regulations, technical and business contexts, as well as quality management requirements
  • Programmer: Design, improve, implement and adapt software programs on the basis of requirements or specifications
  • System Programmer: Developing, programming, modifying and maintaining system software components in the overall IT environment
  • Organization Programmer: Develop, realize and modify computer programs for businesses and companies
  • ERP Application Developer: Programming business software that supports typical functions in a company
  • Software Developer: Analyze, plan, develop and implement information technology applications and software modules (databases, programs)


  • IT Consultant: Informing companies about the introduction of IT projects in all areas and in all phases of implementation
  • ERP Consultants: Advise clients on the possible applications of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and support the implementation of the new or extended programs in the company
  • Application Consultant: Advises clients on the possible applications of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and supports the implementation of the new or extended programs in the company


  • IT account manager: Develops problem solutions, monitors and maintains IT systems, rectifies faults and errors and is responsible for product and service quality in the hardware, software and network area
  • IT Sales Representative: Advises customers on the selection of hardware and software as well as information technology services and works with customers to develop tailor-made solutions

master degree

After completing your bachelor's degree, you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge with the consecutive degree programme of Leuphana Graduate School. There you will find five superordinate programmes: Education, Governance and Law, Cultural Studies, Management, Psychology and Sustainability.