The perfect day at the fair - 10 tips for your visit

1. Define your goals
Which occupational fields and sectors are you interested in? Get an overview of all exhibitors at FOR YOUR CAREER. Which employers are particularly interesting for you?

2. Inform yourself about the company of your choice before the fair
Not only the company or organisation is important for your decision, but also its environment. What is the industry like? What are the current products, who are the customers? What does the company stand for? How many employees and locations does the company have? Also, look at the market position and predictions for the future. In addition, the presentations on the day of the fair can give you further insight into the corporate culture.

3. Plan the talks in advance 
Think about which company you want to start and have the first conversation with. Do you suffer from stage fright? Then you should not visit the company of your choice directly. It is a good idea to first "practise" by making contact and talking to another exhibitor at the fair. This will give you routine, reduce your nervousness, and help you react better to any follow-up questions.

4. Think about questions to ask the companies in advance 
Companies are at the fair to talk to you and meet new talents. Take the opportunity to ask questions! With professional questions, you can show a serious interest in the employer and demonstrate some initial expertise.

5. Prepare a brief application 
Many companies are happy to keep your application documents (cover letter and CV) after a first meeting. However, this is not true for all. So, don't be disappointed if your documents are rejected on the spot.

6. Practise your self-presentation
To prepare for conversations at the fair, we recommend that you practise your self-presentation in advance. Your first short introduction should not take longer than 2-3 minutes. Focus on the key aspects of your CV and try to arouse interest.

7. Attend our kick-off event before the fair
Here you can learn important general standards for applications or prepare yourself optimally for initiating a conversation at the fair. Dates of kick-off events. 

8. Wear an appropriate outfit
The clothes you wear at the job fair make a first impression. Therefore, it can be helpful to orientate yourself on the conventions of the respective industry. In general, every exhibitor will be happy to see you - no matter how you are dressed.

9. Stay positive
An authentic smile and positive attitude can contribute to a pleasant and productive discussion and is the perfect basis for a successful conversation. 

10. Take notes
Write down the name of the person you are talking to. If you want to apply for a position afterwards, you can refer to the meeting in your application letter.