FOR YOUR CAREER fair - for students

Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 - Central Building on Leuphana Campus

At FOR YOUR CAREER you have the opportunity to get in touch with more than 70 regional and national companies directly on campus. Here, students of all disciplines will find suitable offers for internships, final theses, part-time jobs, trainee programs or career entry positions.

At the booths you have the chance to ask about paths to the desired profession, additional qualifications for certain fields of activity, required experience abroad, or possible topics for the final thesis in cooperation with companies.

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    Fair FOR YOUR CAREER 2024

    Exhibitors 2024

    Future working environments and career paths will be fundamentally different from today's situation. At FOR YOUR CAREER, you will have the opportunity to talk to employers about their future orientation and find inspiriation for your own career path. Learn more about different fields of work and industries - start a conversation! 

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    Take advantage of your career opportunities at FOR YOUR CAREER

    • Use of the trade fair app: In our trade fair app you will find all information about the stand plan and exhibitors. You can also find out about specific vacancies digitally on a large job wall. You can also find these vacancies in advance in the trade fair app.
    • Personal preparation: Every year, the FOR YOUR CAREER preliminary and supporting programme offers exciting content for students at every stage of their studies. You can also find out more about the exhibitors. Which company could be a potential employer? Have your CV ready, including your own contact details, certificates and business cards.
    • Communication with exhibitors: Approach potential employers openly and don't shy away from initial contact. Company representatives respond positively to specific enquiries and are happy to take down your contact details. Be aware that your appearance may arouse the company's interest. Therefore, make sure you dress appropriately.

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