The enclosures

The enclosures should contain your most important certificates, references or other evidence relevant to your application documents. You should arrange the documents in the same order as they are presented in your CV. As a rule, the following documents are enclosed in an application:

  • Final University Certificate College, or current grade point average
  • Higher Education Entrance Qualification
  • If required, already existing internship or job references
  • Proof of additional qualifications, which are relevant for the targeted company (computer courses, special training courses, ...)
  • Proof of voluntary work
  • If required or possible: References (managers often use this in order to underline their professional reputation).

Only send copies of your documents if you apply by post, because not all companies return the application materials. You should only send certified copies if this specifically requested.

Make sure that your copies are of reasonable quality. You have the possibility to include a directory of enclosures after your resume, on which you can indicate that you can supply further documents later on request.

The Unsolicited Application: how is it different?

If you send an unsolicited application, you have to make it short. It serves as a first exchange of information and, apart from the covering letter and the resume, it has no enclosures. If in doubt, ask the company which documents you should enclose when sending an unsolicited application.