In addition to an internship, there are several other ways to gather work experience. Internships can also provide guidance in shaping your studies design and convey accurate ideas about areas of activity. They also provide the opportunity to expand multidisciplinary skills and establish contacts with future employers.

Thesis with practical relevance

A thesis can be written in cooperation with a company or an institution on any subject and practice-relevant issue. In this way, an insight into practical issues and processes as well as cross-linking them with a potential future employer is possible.

Voluntary work

Voluntary work is an opportunity to gain practical insights into the professional world. It strengthens professional, personal and social skills, as well as enables to put the expertise acquired to the practical test at university. In addition, in any resume, volunteer activities are considered an expression of particular commitment and motivation.

Freelancer / Freelancer

Free lancers are often highly qualified and specialize in certain tasks, such as programmers or programmers, journalists or journalists, musicians or musicians, lecturers or teachers. Personal independence is a characteristic of free-lance work which enables him/her to shape their working conditions relatively freely without being formally directly subordinated to the instructions of the client where time, place or technical matters are concerned.

Participation in student initiatives

By participating in student initiatives, you can demonstrate your dedication and own initiative. In addition, student initiatives often work with companies or institutions, so that they will give you important insights into job profiles, fields of activity and career opportunities.

Job on the side

A student on-the-side job offers several advantages: It provides some financing for living expenses or holiday. Moreover, it represents an opportunity to acquire experience in the working world. In contrast to a student trainee job, these occupations do not always offer professional proximity to the subject studied.

Tutors activity

Tutors at universities are employed as assistant students who guide exercises, practicals or tutorials. A tutorial is a taught unit, assisted by advanced students who provide basic knowledge and in-depth skills to the participants.

Working student

“Working student” describes enrolled students working a maximum of 20 hours per week while studying during term time and receiving a salary. Working time sometimes increases to full-time level during term-time. The professional activities are in direct relation to the subject studied.