Cover sheet and picture

The cover sheet is optional and can improve the appearance of your application. Placed behind the covering letter, it gives your application a personal touch. You can freely select the design of the cover sheet. However, you must ensure that the layout and font are related to the covering letter and the CV. Avoid bright colours and superfluous content. In special cases, you can orient the design of your application on the homepage of the potential employer. The following information may be included:

  • Title of the position you are applying for
  • Name of employer and, if necessary, in what department the position applied for is situated
  • Photo (optional)
  • Your contact data

Choose a professional application photo

Picture: Following the coming into force of the German Equal Opportunities’ Act (AGG -- Gleichbehandlungsgesetz) 2006, you are no longer required to include a portrait photo in the job application documents. Still, a picture retains a very important role in a job application in Germany. Thus, you are free to enclose a photo of yourself or not. If you are applying for a job abroad, requirements may differ and a picture may not be necessary, or recommended. Inform yourself in advance about country-specific recommendations.

With regard to the quality of your photos, some points should be noted:

  • Use a recent, high-quality photo, which has been professionally created by a qualified photographer. Take enough time to select the best from a series of photos
  • Make sure that, on your picture, you are wearing the clothes that correspond to the position applied for. Look at the home page of the company you are applying to, this will provide an orientation
  • Biometric ID photos (for ID-cards) are not suitable for application documents because a neutral facial expression is not very meaningful. Make sure you send a picture showing you looking into the camera and wearing a friendly expression
  • Suitable picture dimensions are 4.5 x 6 cm. These can be vertical or horizontal, with or without frame. Look at what best suits you and the targeted position.

Personal advice

We encourage you to carefully examine your documents before forwarding them to a company and focus on content, grammar, and formatting. Let people you trust look at your application and get a first feedback on the impression it makes.

We would be happy to advise you on your application documents in a personal conversation. As part of the event program, we regularly offer an application document check and seminars on the topic of "Written applications". For individual consultations outside the programme, please make an appointment by e-mail.