The Job Interview

Being invited to a job interview means you reached the first goal in the application process. Your potential employer appreciates your professional skills so highly that he would now like to become better acquainted with your personality and your key skills. At the same time, you have the opportunity to personally get to know the company. An employment contract will only result if both sides are convinced that they match each other. Therefore, a job interview is always a dialogue between equal partners.

Every interview is different. Nevertheless, they contain certain features which remain the same, so that a thorough preparation with regard to standard questions, clothing or arrivals etc, is useful.

The interview gives you the opportunity to prove that you match the advertised position. The conversations may be structured in different ways, but certain topics remain clearly in focus: motivation, personality and attitude to work.

No matter what the outcome of the decision is - the phase following the interview can be used wisely for a self-critical analysis of the course of the conversation, the work content and the employers.

Enhance your skills

Every semester, the events programme of the Careers Service has a lot of offers to help you reach your career goals. For example, you will find various training opportunities and advisory services concerned with how to make your job applications.