Public Economics, Law and Politics

The Master's program in Public Economics, Law and Politics (PELP) provides a scientifically sound, interdisciplinary and problem-oriented academic education in the field of political science. The aim is to familiarize students with the theories, approaches and methods as well as central empirical findings of current political science research.

Career Fields

Graduates of this Master's program have the opportunity to position themselves in various professional fields. These include leading positions in the political-administrative field, e.g. in ministries, at international and supranational institutions as well as activities in the field of political consulting. In addition, the knowledge acquired in the study program also enables students to continue working in the academic field - for example in research institutions.

  • (Non-Profit) Organizations and Associations at National and International Level
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Public Administration
  • Policy Advice
  • Educational Institutions
  • Research Institutions and Think Tanks

(Non-Profit) Organizations and Associations at National and International Level

  • Campagner: Develops strategies and projects on political topics, e.g. for non-profit organizations. He/she plans and carries out actions and represents the organization externally.
  • Development aid worker: Imparts knowledge, skills and technologies in the development service and in development cooperation that are suitable for improving the living conditions of people living in the developing country/crisis region. In addition, he/she organizes and coordinates projects, for example in the health service, in administration or in civil peace service.
  • Fundraiser: Plans and implements measures to raise funds for social, cultural and political institutions such as aid organizations, foundations and universities.
  • Political Scientist: Analyses the political, legal, social and economic system of the Federal Republic of Germany and other countries. He/she works, for example, in the editorial field, in market and opinion research, in public relations or in science and teaching.
  • Project Manager for projects of foundations/NGOs: He/she develops project ideas, finds sponsors, is responsible for the implementation of the project and for the subsequent evaluation.
  • Speechwriter: Writes manuscripts on behalf of speakers by translating the desired content and thoughts into a convincing text. He/she finds employment in political parties or in administration, for example.
  • Consumer Adviser: Informs, advises and supports consumers in questions of consumption.

Media and Public Relations

  • Assistant in the press office: Takes on tasks in the departments responsible for press and public relations work in institutions, organizations or companies
  • Press spokesperson: Is responsible for the communication of a company / association / club / authority with the press and other media with the aim of a positive overall public image.
  • PR-specialist: Is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of measures that serve to promote the image of companies, authorities, associations and other institutions.
  • Editor: Compiles information and communicates it via media, writes and produces articles for newspapers, magazines, radio, television or digital media.

Public Administration

Work in public administration is possible at the federal, state or local level. The central task is to implement laws that have been passed. The federal level of the administrative apparatus includes the various ministries, the Foreign Service and other offices such as the Federal Environment Agency or the Federal Office of Justice.

  • Civil Servant in the Foreign Service: Performs foreign policy tasks in a leading position. This includes above all tasks relating to European, economic, social, cultural and scientific policy and international law.
  • Administrative Scientist: Analyses, designs and monitors administrative processes and procedures. They are employed in public administration, international organizations such as the United Nations or diplomatic missions of states.

Policy Advice

  • Mediator: Supports disputing parties in conflicts of various kinds in order to reach amicable, out-of-court solutions.
  • Political Advisor: Supports political and social actors in communicating their interests.
  • Management Consultant: As an external service provider, analyzes the processes and structures in companies, e.g. to increase profitability or to secure and expand the economic success of the company.

Educational Institutions

  • Education Officer: Develops programs in the field of political education, organizes and evaluates events. The conception of political education materials can also be a task.
  • Lecturer in Universities and Academies: Independently designs and conducts courses. He/she also works on scientific research projects.

Research Institutions and Think Tanks

  • Demographer: Describes and analyzes the development of populations to predict the future living conditions of societies.
  • Researcher: Works in research institutions that are either supported by scientific academies and universities or financed by non-profit organizations. Activities in research institutions include the acquisition of research funds, the concrete implementation of research projects and their publication.