Science Education

Welcome to the department of Science Education
at the Leuphana University Lüneburg!

Today’s world is characterized by scientific and technological changes. In order to be able to make informed decisions in this world, one needs to have a basic understanding of scientific issues and the ability to apply scientific methods and procedures. Scientific Literacy can help foster a culture of scientific thinking in which people use evidence-based arguments to draw reasoned conclusions and, subsequently, to act in a reflective and responsible manner.

Headed by Prof. Dr. Simone Abels, we deal with two questions: firstly, with the question of how to create teaching-learning processes in order to optimally support all learners in acquiring scientific literacy and secondly, with the question of how to qualify (pre-service) teachers to meet this challenge. Following current developments in both society and science education research, we emphasize the topics inclusion, sustainability and digitalization in teaching, (third-party funded) research projects as well as in bachelor, master and doctoral theses.

In addition to science teacher education, we are actively involved in the fields of teacher professional development and science communication. Beyond that, we provide an out-of-school learning lab called L3 – Leuphana Lernwerkstatt Lüneburg (Leuphana Workshop Centre). In our workshop centre, people from kindergarten to adulthood are encouraged to engage in inquiry-based learning.

This are our key topics and main research areas:

  • Inclusive science education
  • Inquiry-based science education & science workshop centres
  • Video-based professional development of pre-service teachers
  • Digital media in science education
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Language-sensitive science education
  • Gender-sensitive STEM education


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