Institute of Sustainable Chemistry (INSC)

At the Institute of Sustainable Chemistry the research and teaching activities focus on Environmental Chemistry as well as Sustainable Chemistry. Environmental Chemistry focuses on studies regarding the environmental fate and behaviour of already existing chemicals, Sustainable Chemistry develops in a more holistic approach solutions that meet the criteria of sustainability.

In addition, the Institute for Sustainable Chemistry is also home to the didactics of natural sciences with its research and teaching activities in the profession of chemistry, biology and science education with the reference subject of natural sciences.


Research Fields

Sustainable Chemistry and Material Resources

Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer

Science Education

Prof. Dr. Simone Abels

Sustainable Chemistry of Renewable Organic Resources

Prof. Dr. Dr. Vânia Zuin Zeidler

New Media and Sustainable Development

Prof. Dr. Andreas Möller


Key topics of our research field are as follows:

  • Sustainable Chemistry and Sustainable Pharmacy
  • Inclusive science education
  • Efficient use of biogenic resources

For further details please refer to the respective webpages of the research groups as well as to the central research database and the personal webpages of each scientist at our institute.


Study Programmes

Study sustainability sciences and/or teaching with a science subject at Leuphana!

Many questions of sustainability involve substances and material resources. Thus, environmental chemistry, sustainable chemistry and material resources are integral part of our Bachelor and Master courses. In addition, subject-specific and subject-didactic basics along the curricula of the respective subjects are also central components in the teacher training subjects. There is a strong focus on inclusive pedagogy and digital media.

At the Institute of Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry the following study courses are being offered:

Bachelor Environmental Sciences

Bachelor Teaching & Learning

Master of Sustainability Sciences

Professional Master of Sustainable Chemistry

Master Education for Secondary Schools

PhD Studies

After completion of the Master's programme, there is the possibility of obtaining a doctorate with the degree of "Dr. rer. nat.", in subject didactics also "Dr. phil", in the following subjects:

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Sustainable Chemistry
  • Material resources
  • Science education

More information on the PhD programs is available here.