Peer Tutor Training

Students at Leuphana can become certified peer tutors by completing a training week at the Schreibzentrum / Writing Center (Beware: No credit points can be earned.)

Next Writing Tutor Training

At the end of each semester we offer a bilingual Peer Tutor Training.

The dates for the Writing Tutor Training in 2024 are the following:

MoSep 23, 20249.30 a.m.–16.30 p.m.
TueSep 24, 20249.30 a.m.–16.30 p.m.
WedSep 25, 20249.30 a.m.–16.30 p.m.
ThuSep 26, 20249.30 a.m.–16.30 p.m.
FriSep 27, 20249.30 a.m.–16.30 p.m

➚Please register for the training on myStudy. There you will also receive all further information.

A job as a student writing consultant at the Schreibzentrum / Writing Center after the training is possible – as long as the funds are available.


Peer tutors serve as guides to writers during the process of text production. Our goal is to support writers to become more aware of their writing process. During the training you will be introduced to the perspective of perceiving writing as a process, you will learn about the characteristics of academic writing, and how to assist other students in improving their textual skills.

Target group

The training is suitable to every student who is interested in writing, language, and reflecting his/her own actions. Reflection is a significant part of the training, as writing and text competences can only be acquired by engaging deliberately with the process. At the same time, students will be sensitized for the influence of cultural, disciplinary and genre-specific factors which will also have a positive impact on their own writing habits.

During the training, the German and English languages will be juxtaposed, and the individual language skills of the participants will be taken into consideration. The training will be conducted in German and/or English.

Structure of the Training

The course consists of compulsory and optional modules. The contents of the training are based on the " Rahmenkonzept für die Ausbildung Peer-Schreibtutor*innen" of the Gesellschaft für Schreibdidaktik und Schreibforschung.

Required Modules (total of 64 credit hours)

  • Basic Module 1: The writing process (16 CH)
  • Basic Module 2: Discussing Writing (16 CH)
  • Basic Module 3: German and English for Specific Purposes (8 CH)
  • Practical module (16 CH)
  • Final module: Reflection (8 CH)

Optional Modules (at least 16 CH; further modules can be taken voluntarily)

  • Academic Writing in German (4 CH)
  • The Basics of Media-Supported Academic Work and Writing (4 CH)
  • Providing Feedback on Texts (4 CH)
  • Creative Writing Strategies (2 CH)
  • Reading Strategies and Related Issues (4 CH)
  • Multilingualism (4 CH)
  • Online Writing Instruction (4 CH)
  • Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar (4 CH)
  • Writing Center Administration (4 CH)
  • Working Effectively with Sources: The Basic Principles and Conventions of Disciplinary Citation and Reference Systems (4 CH)

Reports from Students

About the Peer Tutor Training

Evelyn Kehrbach schreibt in diesem Bericht darüber, wie die Schreibberatungsausbildung ihr Verständnis von Schreiben und ihr eigenes Schreibhandeln verändert hat ...

About the Job as a Writing Tutor

This description of the training is only one side of the coin. The other side is the experience of the peer tutors themselves. Students from many different study programmes work for the Schreibzentrum / Writing Center. Their main task is to advise other students on academic texts. Our tutors talk about why they decided to do this job and what they have gained from doing it. (Note: only available in German)

In diesem persönlichen Bericht erzählt Sylvia, warum sie Schreibberaterin geworden ist und was manchmal am Job schwierig ist...

Andreas berichtet, wie das Schreiben sein Leben verändert hat und warum er sich entschieden hat, andere bei ihren Schreibprojekten zu unterstützen...

Dass die Arbeit als Schreibtutorin ihr Leben extrem bereichert hat, davon erzählt Janine...

In ihrem Bericht erzählt Veronika, warum es im Schreibzentrum/WritingCenter auf Teamwork ankommt...