Essays, Research Papers, and Project Reports

Moderator: Micha Edlich

Date: 19.1.24

Time: 10.15–11.45

In this workshop, you will learn more about essays, research papers (_Hausarbeiten_), and project reports, that is, three major academic genres that you are likely to encounter as a student at Leuphana. By analyzing examples and completing a variety of hands-on (writing) exercises, you will not only deepen your understanding of these genres and the differences between the three, but also acquire and develop your ability to draft and revise these kinds of texts. At the end of this workshop, you will be able not only to identify characteristic features, but also to apply your knowledge of these genres and their conventions to draft and revise these kinds of texts. You will have acquired the ability to both develop and evaluate research questions and/thesis statements and analyze and provide constructive feedback on arguments. In addition, you will be familiar with writing strategies and techniques that can be used at different stages of the writing process and by different types of writers.

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in this workshop for bachelor and master’s students.

This workshop is cross-listed as a module for the peer writing tutor training.

This workshop is offered in German on 12.1.24.

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