How to Find a Topic, Conduct Research, and Get Started on a Major Writing Project or Thesis

Moderator: Micha Edlich

Date: 29.05.2024

Time: 14:15-15:45

In this workshop, you will acquire the necessary skills needed to begin and develop writing projects such as longer research papers or a thesis. More specifically, you will test several tools that allow you generate and organize ideas, to identify a topic, to limit the scope of an investigation, and to draft the first proposal for this project. By adding these versatile tools to your repertoire, you will also be better prepared to tackle some of the common challenges at the beginning of the writing process, for example procrastination or information overload. Learn how to juggle different practices—conducting research, reviewing the literature, developing and outline, and/or writing heuristically—and get a head start on your next major writing project or your bachelor or master’s thesis.

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in this workshop which addresses bachelor and master’s students preparing their thesis and master’s students who have to complete longer writing projects such as seminar papers. This workshop is a prerequisite for master‘s students who are registered for the follow-up in-person event on December 15.

This workshop is cross-listed as a module for the peer writing tutor training.

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