Digital Media

At Leuphana College, the interdisciplinary bachelor's degree in Digital Media enables you to acquire not only specialist knowledge but also interdisciplinary skills.

After completing your Bachelor's degree in Digital Media, you will be able to independently develop and convincingly present solution strategies in a national and international working environment.

Already during your English-language media studies, you can get to know relevant fields of employment in digital media through qualified internships as well as your own research and practical projects and find out which field of activity will inspire you.

Career Fields

The following overview shows possible work fields; (additional qualifications may be required):

  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Media Management
  • Media Production
  • Editorial Office / Journalism / Editing
  • Software Development / Media Informatics

Marketing / Advertising

  • Campaigner: Develops strategies and projects on specific topics and subject areas for non-profit organizations He/she plans and carries out campaigns and represents the organization externally
  • Marketing Manager: Develops strategies and measures to plan, manage and control the demands, coordinates their implementation and monitors their success
  • Media Consultant: Plans and implements marketing and media concepts, e.g. for radio, television and online media
  • Online Marketing Manager: Coordinates advertising measures on the Internet and develops marketing strategies for virtual sales rooms
  • Product Manager: Develops strategies for the design of products, their positioning on the market and their further development
  • Copywriter: Develops slogans and texts for advertising campaigns, brochures, spots and websites

Media Management

  • Community Manager: Develops and manages online communities, e.g. in forums and networks, as well as in advertising and communication agencies and marketing departments of organizations and business sectors
  • Content Manager: Designs and manages the content of websites, portals or internal company networks
  • Event Manager: Plans and carries out events of all kinds, including commercial activities and marketing
  • Expert for Media: Manages and controls business and production processes in companies in the media industry
  • IT Project Manager: Carries out IT projects
  • Media Manager: Plans, organizes and implements media projects such as websites, multimedia applications, radio and television broadcasts and music events
  • Social-Media-Manager: Designs and supervises social media activities of companies and organizations

Media Production

  • Art Director: Takes care of the creative implementation of advertising and marketing concepts
  • Communication Designer: Designs media of all kinds, e.g. advertisements, posters, websites or audiovisual elements
  • Media Planner: Designs and implements advertising campaigns
  • Media Designer: Designs and creates media, e.g. ads, commercials, company logos, websites or visual scenarios
  • Media Scientist: Deals with processes of media use and effects and analyzes especially mass media such as newspapers, radio and television reports and online media

Editorial Office / Journalism / Editing

  • Picture Editor: Procures photographic and illustrative material, primarily for print or digital media, the Internet, film and television
  • Community Manager: Develops and manages online communities
  • Online Editor: Prepares texts for Internet and online services, creates or edits contributions and integrates them into the online presence, e.g. at news agencies, advertising agencies or online portals
  • Publisher for media and music: Plans and markets media / music products in various publishing sectors

Software Development / Media Informatics

  • Computer Animator: Develops and designs digitally generated moving images
  • Developer digital media: designs, realizes and implements multimedia applications, e.g. in companies, publishing houses, agencies or television
  • Game Designer: Develops concepts for computer, video and mobile games
  • Interface Designer: Develops user interfaces that are optimally adapted to the needs and abilities of users and are easy and safe to use
  • Media Computer Scientist: Plans and implements IT solutions for the creation of printed and digital communication media
  • Programmer: Designs software, improves existing applications or adapts them to new requirements
  • Software Developer: Analyzes and develops IT applications or software components such as databases and programs

master degree

After completing your bachelor's degree, you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge with the consecutive degree programme of Leuphana Graduate School. There you will find five superordinate programmes: Education, Governance and Law, Cultural Studies, Management, Psychology and Sustainability.