At Leuphana College you will acquire not only scientific knowledge but also interdisciplinary key competencies through the practice-oriented Bachelor's degree in economics.

After completing your studies in economics, you will be able to independently develop and convincingly present solution strategies in a national and international working environment.

During your studies, you can already get to know relevant economic fields of employment through qualified internships as well as your own research and practical projects and find out which field of activity you can be enthusiastic about.

Career Fields

The following overview shows you possible fields of work for graduates of economics. (Additional qualifications may be required.)

  • Public Service/ Research & Teaching
  • Consulting/Auditing
  • Banks/ Insurance/ Reinsurance
  • Associations & Parties

Public Service/ Research & Teaching

  • Economic Researcher: Researching the overall situation of an economy and making economic policy recommendations
  • Econometrician: Using mathematical methods to check assumptions about economic developments and correlations
  • Consultant Ministries: Working in a department / ministry on factual topics
  • Statistician: Collect and analyze empirical data, prepare them and present them clearly
  • Scientific Staff (University): Fulfilling scientific services in research and teaching


  • Management Consultant: As an external service provider, analyze the processes and structures in companies, e.g. to increase profitability or to secure and expand the economic success of the company
  • Personnel Consultant: Providing services for companies in the search and selection of suitable specialists and executives
  • Auditor: Business management audits of companies - e.g. annual audits - and advising clients on business management and tax issues as well as experts or trustee activities
  • Assistant in Auditing: Prepares market analyses and forecasts in the back office, among other things, and takes care of presentations and documentation

Banks/ Insurance/ Reinsurance

  • Risk Manager: Identify, analyze and evaluate possible risks that could endanger the successful further development of a company
  • Risk Analyst ((re)insurance): Apply risk management methods, for example, by creating complex reinsurance concepts and coverage models
  • Employees in Banks & (re)insurance companies: Preparing market analyses and forecasts in the back office

Associations & Parties

  • Scientific Staff: Working in a department on factual topics, supporting member companies or carrying out external lobbying

master degree

After completing your bachelor's degree, you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge with the consecutive degree programme of Leuphana Graduate School. There you will find five superordinate programmes: Education, Governance and Law, Cultural Studies, Management, Psychology and Sustainability.