At Leuphana College, you will acquire interdisciplinary Bachelor's degrees in law (corporate and commercial law) through interdisciplinary studies, which will not only provide you with specialist knowledge but also cross-disciplinary skills.

After completing your legal studies, you will be able to independently develop and convincingly present solution strategies in a national and international working environment.

Already during your studies, you can get to know relevant legal fields of employment through qualified internships as well as your own research and practical projects and find out which field of activity you can be enthusiastic about.

Career Fields

The Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) qualifies you for a wide range of professional tasks with a legal requirements profile: As a graduate of law (corporate and commercial law), you can work, for example, in banks, insurance and reinsurance companies, enterprises, political and management consultancies or associations and public institutions.

Typical fields of employment are in the areas of compliance, human resources, law, taxes or in the assistance of the management. Further qualification steps are required to practice state-regulated professions such as lawyer, tax consultant or auditor.

The following overview shows possible fields of work for law graduates (corporate and commercial law). (Further additional qualifications may be required.)

  • Consulting (Tax, Business, Consumer Advice, Auditing, Etc.)
  • Management/ Corporate Management/ Legal Department
  • Personnel Management
  • Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Journalism
  • Press and Public Relations
  • Marketing, Advertising
  • Investment and Financing
  • Public Service/ Research and Teaching

Consulting (Tax, Business, Consumer Advice, Auditing, Etc.)

  • Management Consultant: As an external service provider, analyze the processes and structures in companies, e.g. to increase profitability or to secure and expand the economic success of the company
  • Tax Consultant: Advises and supports private individuals as well as industrial and commercial companies in tax returns and balance sheets. Requires further qualification steps in addition to the studies
  • Consumer Advisor: Inform, advise and support consumers in questions of consumption
  • Certified Public Accountants: Business audits of companies and advising clients on business and tax issues as well as experts or fiduciary activities. Requires further qualification steps in addition to the studies
  • Employee in insolvency administration: Support insolvency administrators in handling the tasks arising in connection with insolvency proceedings
  • Mediator: Supporting disputing parties in conflicts of various kinds in order to reach amicable, out-of-court solutions
  • Auditor: Plans, prepares, carries out and documents the results of internal and group audit assignments
  • Trustee: Represents the interests of trustees and advises their clients in tax, private and financial matters, sometimes acting as intermediary between two contracting parties or as insolvency administrator
  • Insurance Auditor: Checking insurance applications and checking claims for insurance benefits in difficult cases and in cases where large sums of money are involved
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist: Provide advisory services relating to the purchase, sale or merger of companies
  • Tax Consultant: advises and assists both private individuals and industrial and commercial companies with tax returns and balance sheets
  • Employee in a Law Firm: Support or take over the supervision of limited areas of responsibility

Management/ Corporate Management/ Legal Department

  • Assistant to the Management: Works closely with the management, advises and supports them in the areas of organization, coordination and legal issues, among others
  • Contract Manager/ Contract Consultant: Assist in drafting, amending or revising contract
  • Association Employee and Managing Director: Represents and manages the association's offices in various sectors and provides association members with up-to-date association-specific information on legal and economic issues
  • Business Lawyer: Contribute to the legally secure and practical solution of business issues and ensure the legal and economic smooth running of business transactions
  • Compliance Manager: Developing concepts and measures to ensure legally and ethically correct conduct by companies, organizations and their employees
  • Employee in the Legal Department: Responsible for clarifying legal issues and advising other specialist departments on legal matters
  • Consultant for business law: Negotiation, drafting and review of (framework) contracts under economic and legal aspects, project coordination and contract work, handling of legal issues and advice on licensing matters
  • Internal Service Manager: Planning, coordinating and monitoring work which is carried out from the offices of the company or authority in terms of technical, organizational and personnel aspects and which, for example, complements the work of the field service
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist: Take over consulting services around the purchase, sale or merger of companies
  • Employees in the license department/trademark administration: Administration and supervision of the conclusion of license agreements as well as trademark registration, organization and enforcement

Personnel Management

  • Personnel Officer (labor law): Drawing up employment contracts and references, conducting personnel appraisal interviews, maintaining personnel records and statistics and advising on labor law issues
  • Personnel Developer: Personnel requirements planning, personnel recruitment and assessment as well as training and further education
  • Relocation Specialist: Attend to specialists and executives, as well as private individuals, when they change their place of work or residence and deal with all formalities connected with the move

Banks and Insurance Companies

  • Risk Analyst ((re)insurance): Apply risk management methods, for example, by creating complex reinsurance concepts and coverage models
  • Underwriters (insurance): Responsible for underwriting; analyzing, assessing and designing insurance contracts, programs and quotation systems for insurance companies
  • Investment Advisor: Developing strategies with their corporate and private clients to invest their financial assets
  • Employee in the Claims Department: Checking in the case of financially costly damages or if fraud is suspected, whether and to what extent the insurance pays
  • Insurance Advisor: Advises and supports self-employed persons, corporate and private customers in a needs-oriented and individual manner with regard to personal, property and financial loss insurance


  • Journalist: Writing written or oral contributions for radio, television, print and online media, as well as moderating broadcasts
  • Speechwriter: Writing speech manuscripts for clients
  • Editor: Writing or producing contributions for newspapers, magazines, radio, television or digital media

Press and Public Relations

  • Press Spokesperson: Responsible for communication of the company / association / club / authority with the press and other media with the aim of a positive overall public image
  • Campaigner: Develop strategies and projects and carry out actions for associations / (non-profit) organizations / parties, representing them externally
  • Lobbyist: Public relations work for organizations / associations with the aim of influencing political and social developments

Marketing, Advertising

  • Media Manager: Planning, organizing and realizing media projects, for example for film, radio, television and interactive multimedia applications

Investment and Financing

The focus of the Investment and Financing division is on measures to raise capital and the use of funds. Risk management in the broader sense includes dealing with all risks that may arise from the management process and the implementation processes in a company.

  • Financial Broker: Brokerage of financial services for investments, loans or insurance transactions to private individuals, self-employed persons or tradesmen
  • Syndicated Consultant: Supervision of banking transactions carried out by several banks or credit institutions for joint account, e.g. a securities issue, the granting of loans or the assumption of guarantees
  • Credit Manager: Planning, optimization and monitoring of credit exposures by analyzing credit situations and financial markets
  • General Agent (insurance): Head of representation of an insurance company and advising clients on various types of insurance contracts
  • Risk Manager: Identification, analysis and evaluation of possible risks that could endanger the successful development of a company
  • Risk Analyst ((re)insurance): Apply risk management methods, for example, by creating complex reinsurance concepts and coverage models
  • Underwriter (insurance): Responsible for underwriting; analyzing, assessing and designing insurance contracts, programs and quotation systems for insurance companies

Public Service/ Research and Teaching

  • Consultant Ministries: Working in a department / ministry on factual topics
  • Statistician: Collect and analyze empirical data, prepare them and present them clearly
  • Scientific Staff (university): Fulfilling scientific services in research and teaching
  • Political Advisor: Supports political and social actors in communicating their interests
  • Diplomatic Service
  • Employee in international companies
  • Scientific Staff: Working in a department on factual topics, supporting member companies or carrying out external lobbying

master degree

After completing your bachelor's degree, you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge with the consecutive degree programme of Leuphana Graduate School. There you will find five superordinate programmes: Education, Governance and Law, Cultural Studies, Management, Psychology and Sustainability.