Job Shadowing International: Open Places

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In the overview you will find companies and organisations that have participated in the Job Shadowing International as part of the ESF project. You can apply for these job shadowing positions at any time by filling out the respective application form and submitting it together with your CV to Career Service. If there is no suitable place for you, please let us know which occupation or field of activity you are interested in. We will then try to find a suitable shadowing partner for you.

Please note: This database will be extended continuously. You can find a current overview here.

Registration for international Students

If you would like to participate in the job shadowing, please send the registration form, the signed conditions of participation and your CV to

Overview of participating employers

  • Coca-Cola European Partner GmbH
  • Getreidezüchtungsforschung Darzau
  • Interessengemeinschaft e.V. [InGe]
  • J. A. Woll-Handels GmbH
  • LOTUS Containers GmbH
  • Coca-Cola European Partner Ltd.
  • Cereal Breeding Research Darzau
  • Community of interest e.V. [InGe]
  • J. A. Woll-Trading Ltd.
  • LOTUS Containers Ltd.
  • tangensQ - Institut für zukunftsorientierte Qualifizierung
  • Werkhaus Design und Produktion GmbH
  • tangensQ - Institute for future-oriented Qualification
  • Werkhaus Design and Production Ltd.
  • Museum Lüneburg
  • Lüneburg Museum
  • Vonmählen GmbH
  • Vonmählen Ltd.
  • Deutsches Salzmuseum
  • German Salt Museum
  • nya nordiska
  • nya nordiska
  • Dierkes Partner mbB
  • Dierkes Partner
  • plietsch! Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH
  • plietsch! Tax consultancy Ltd.
  • Jana Blumenhagen Illustration
  • Jana Blumenhagen Illustrations
  • Körber Pharma Software GmbH
  • Körber Pharma Software Ltd.
  • Landkreis Lüchow-Dannenberg: Regionale Entwicklungsprozesse
  • District Lüchow-Dannenberg: Regional Development
  • Honicon GmbH
  • Honicon Ltd.

Overview of participating employers


Area of business: Online marketing / IT SaaS, Location: Lüneburg

ADFERENCE Ltd. is a modern company with 70 employees located in Lüneburg. ADFERENCE offers smart automation of manual processes in the PPC online marketing sector. Services include campaign and bid management for advertisers on Amazon and Google.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Data Science

Coca-Cola European Partner Ltd.

Area of business: Food industry; beverage bottling, Location: Lüneburg

CCEP DE, headquartered in Berlin, is responsible for bottling and distributing Coca-Cola brand products throughout Germany. At the Lüneburg site, the mineral water "VIO" as well as spritzers and sodas are bottled under this brand.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Production/process technology, maintenance, energy management

German Salt Museum

Area of business: Culture, Location: Lüneburg

The Lüneburg saline determined the life of the town for more than a thousand years. In 1980, the plant was closed. Since then, the German Salt Museum / Industrial Monument Saline Lüneburg commemorates the largest industrial operation in medieval Europe. The importance of salt in the past and present is vividly explained to visitors in a "hands-on museum". The museum is a special and popular cultural institution of the Hanseatic city of Lüneburg and the surrounding region. With at least 55,000 visitors annually, it is the most visited museum in the city.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Museum education, visitor service, secretariat/administration

Dierkes Partner

Area of business: Tax consulting, auditing, Location: Lüneburg

Dierkes Partner mbB offers holistic support for clients in the areas of auditing, tax consulting and legal advice with about 55 heads in Lüneburg.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Tax consulting, auditing

Cereal Breeding Research Darzau

Area of business: Agricultural research, Location: Neu Darchau

Cereal Breeding Research Darzau breeds wheat, rye, oats, barley, peas and einkorn for the requirements of organic farming and develops new, adapted varieties from these. (Job shadowing takes place in May/June and Nov/Dec).

Open Places Job Shadowing International: Quality testing in the laboratory, bonituring in the field, seed contracting

Honicon Ltd.

Area of business: IT and process consulting, Location: Lüneburg

Honicon GmbH supports companies with passion and experience to digitize ways of working and to optimize processes sustainably. As Atlassian Solution Partner Enterprise, we help our customers set up, configure and use Atlassian tools.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Process consulting and modeling

Community of interest e.V. [InGe]

Area of business: Social services, Location: Salzhausen

InGe is a non-profit association that provides outpatient care services, school childcare and vacation care at various elementary schools, as well as school assistance for children with support needs in the Salzhausen, Winsen and surrounding areas. The association has over 90 employees and numerous volunteers.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Non-profit management, social management, health management

Jana Blumenhagen Illustrations

Area of business: Illustration/Design, Location: Lüneburg

Jana Blumenhagen is a freelance illustrator in the fields of:
- children's books
- stationery
- and product and textile design.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Insights into the work as a freelance illustrator, how to create a children's book, paper design

J. A. Woll-Trading Ltd.

Area of business: Retail, Location: Soltau

Originally founded as a family business, J. A. Woll-Trading Ltd. is now majority-owned by the B&M European Value Retail Group, which operates over 540 non-food discount stores in the UK and further operations in Hong Kong and China. The rapidly expanding company (non-food discounter) employs over 1,700 people in more than 90 stores in Germany.

Open places Job Shadowing: Purchasing department, IT

Körber Pharma Software Ltd.

Area of business: Pharma & IT, Location: Lüneburg

Körber Pharma Software Ltd. is an international technology group with around 10,000 employees at more than 100 locations worldwide. In Körber's Pharma Business Area, they make a decisive difference along the entire pharmaceutical value chain. With their software solutions, they support pharmaceutical manufacturers in digitizing their pharmaceutical, biotech, and cell & gene factories.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Regional Projects & Programs, Project Management

District Lüchow-Dannenberg: Regional Development

Area of business: Local government/regional development, Location: Lüchow (Wendland)

The Regional Development Processes department works on regional strategies and provides impetus for sustainable and future-oriented development in the region through a wide range of projects. It uses projects to test economic and social visions for the future of the rural region. Daniela Weinand works as an innovation manager in the BMBF project Wir!-region Elbe Valley.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Regional development/innovation management, project development/grant consulting, networking/events/public relations

LOTUS Containers Ltd.

Area of business: Retail and logistics, Location: Egestorf

Since 2008 LOTUS Containers is a specialist for container solutions. Whether renting or buying, new or used, LOTUS delivers custom-fit solutions worldwide - from container procurement to container transport. With locations and representative offices in Europe, China, North and South America and Australia.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Business Intelligence, Digital Design/Marketing, Startup Lab

Lüneburg Museum

Area of business: Culture, Location: Lüneburg

The interdisciplinary Museum Lüneburg, which only opened in 2015, presents the natural and cultural history of the city and region of Lüneburg from the geological eras to the present day. More than 1,300 exhibits from the fields of archaeology, cultural history and natural history are displayed on 1,700 square meters of exhibition space. 10-12 special exhibitions and about 200 events per year complete the offer.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Exhibition (conception and presentation), education, cultural marketing and press relations

nya nordiska

Area of business: Textile industry, Location: Dannenberg

nya nordiska is one of the leading international textile companies with subsidiaries in Paris, Como and Tokyo. Customers all over the world appreciate the diversity of the curtains, decorative and upholstery fabrics. In addition to the Scandinavian colors and shapes, design influences from most parts of Europe and the whole world have been added over the course of time.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Corporate and product marketing

plietsch! Tax consultancy Ltd.

Area of business: Tax consultancy, Location: Reppenstedt

"Our consulting, your success!" The tax consultancy plietsch! works according to this mission in order to be able to lead its clients to success. It offers start-ups, companies and other clients services in the areas of tax consulting, business management consulting, bookkeeping and payroll accounting. plietsch! is committed to social and sustainable business management.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Day-to-day business, interfaces to clients' systems/imports, business/digitization consulting

tangensQ - Institute for future-oriented Qualification

Area of business: Education, Location: Lüneburg

tangensQ is a young consulting and training institute for personal development, leadership and change. The institute combines business know-how with technical knowledge and pedagogical competence.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Sales, Planning/Organisation, Research/Market Exploration

Vonmählen Ltd.

Area of business: Electronics, Location: Lüneburg

Vonmählen Ltd. is an ambitious tech and lifestyle company from northern Germany. Since 2015, products that combine functionality, quality and outstanding design have been developed at the headquarters in Lüneburg. These tech accessories are oriented towards the digital world and a lifestyle characterised by freedom.

Open Places Job Shadowing International: Supply Chain, E-Commerce, Sales

Werkhaus Design and Production Ltd.

Area of business: Production, Location: Bad Bodenteich

For 25 years Werkhaus has been developing, producing and selling home accessories and furniture with high social, ecological and innovative standards. Raw materials from sustainable, certified production, largely from Germany and free of harmful substances are just as important as a CO2-saving and energy-efficient value chain. Werkhaus attaches great importance to inclusion, the training of young professionals and family-friendliness. Werkhaus has received several design awards and has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability.

Open places Job Shadowing International: Production planning, research and development, controlling


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