Educational Science, in particular Educational Management and Quality Development

What constitutes a good school and good teaching? How can schools and teaching be improved, changed and innovated? And what role do leaders and their professional development play in this context? These and similar questions are addressed at the department of educational management and quality improvement.

Bachelor and Master Theses

The department offers supervision of empirical theses. Topics for this can be suggested by a course of the team members as well as by research internships and calls by the department or can be chosen by the students themselves in consultation with members of the department. Further information on the supervision of theses at the department can be found here (in GERMAN):



  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Pietsch

Visiting professors

  • Prof. Dr. Mehmet Bellibas

Research Assistants

  • Jürgen Frentz
  • Dr. Nele Groß
  • Hariet Schellig

PhD Scholars

  • Dr. Burak Aydin
  • Dr. Lydia Londar
  • Jasmin Witthöft


  • Nadja Justa