German language and didactics for secondary schools

In the professorship for 'German language and its didactics for secondary education', the focus of teaching is on the fundamentals of linguistics, taking into account everyday language education and language support for monolingual and multilingual children.
In this context, various teaching and learning methods are used to meet the individual needs of pupils. These include, for example, practice-oriented teaching approaches that include the use of digital media, as well as support in the development of effective teaching strategies in the area of language support.


The chair cooperates with other institutions (Mercator Institute, University of Cologne and Chemnitz University of Technology, didactics of German) and contributes to the development of teaching materials for pupils. Strategies are developed in the areas of teaching and school development, professionalization of teachers and extracurricular learning, with a close link between science and practice.


The research focus of the Chair of 'German Language and its Didactics for Secondary Education' is on the (digitally supported) promotion of basic writing and reading skills in secondary education in the context of German as a first language.

Current research projects are:
- SchuMaS NRW - "Schule macht stark" Promotion of reading fluency through the use of an audio pen
- TBA- Tablet-Paper-Hybrid-Study - Cloze dictations in the context of digital tests on the tablet
- Digital reading promotion in the language of origin: Turkish



  • Prof. Dr. Seda Yilmaz Wörfel


  • Bianka Bönsch
  • Nina Pries