Studying chemistry at Lüneburg?

„Those who know nothing but chemistry don’t know that very well either.“

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, Scientist of the 18th century.


Are you expecting more from Chemistry than just the organic, physical or inorganic part of it? Do you want to see the bigger picture and gain further knowledge in Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry which represents an integral part of the bachelor studies at the faculty of Sustainability?

Many questions essentially deal with substances and material resources.

This is why the program is integrated in faculty of Sustainability. So, if you want to intensify your knowledge in this field, this is your choice!



All final degrees enable you to continue working in the respective field thanks to a comprehensive knowledge in chemistry as well as further knowledge beyond chemistry. This may be on a disciplinary scale, i. e. within chemistry, or even on an inter- and trans-disciplinary scale at the interfaces of multiple disciplines (e. g. research, implementation of sustainability in companies and in administration, evaluation of chemical substances and mechanisms for dealing with them, development of new concepts, policy advice). The spectrum of possible employers includes industrial companies, research institutions, authorities as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Bachelor (BSc.) Environmental Sciences

Master of Sustainability Science (MSc.)

Master of Sustainable Chemistry (Professional School)

Doctoral Degree