Sustainability Science


The Masters programme in Sustainability Sciences provides an academically grounded education in environmental and sustainable research on the master level. The goal is to provide the theoretical, methodological, organizational, and communicative skills that are necessary to develop, realize, and reflect on one’s own disciplinary and interdisciplinary research work and projects in the field of environmental and sustainability sciences. In addition, the degree program aims at enabling students to function as change agents and initiate, promote, and manage processes of transition towards sustainable policies in economic, scientific, political, and civil organizations as well as to evaluate the processes’ results and impacts.

Depending on their individual academic profile, graduates will have a wide range of career options in sustainability-focused research (particularly in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research contexts). They will also have access to leading positions in business and consulting, public administration, national and international third sector organizations as well as political advising.

Upon completion of the study programme, students are awarded the Master of Sciences (M.Sc.) degree.


The Masters programme is targeted at graduates with a bachelors or equivalent degree, who wish to expand their academic knowledge of environmental and sustainability sciences. It is not required that your previous degree was completed in environmental or sustainability sciences, nevertheless basic knowledge in at least one of the fields of sustainability sciences is necessary. The basic modules offered in the first semester have a convergence function and, therefore, students must be willing to collaborate at interdisciplinary level. Admission requirements include, among other aspects, adequate knowledge of the English language.

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Leuphana University of Lüneburg also offers the management-focused part-time degree program Sustainability Management (MBA). To learn more, please see the Centre for Sustainability Management website.

Full-time Faculty

Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Matthias Barth
Universitätsallee 1, C11.026
21335 Lüneburg