ESD for 2030

The project “ESD for 2030: Learning for and in resilient and sustainable communities” will create the basis for harnessing the potential of real-world labs and experiments as places of mutual learning processes for a sustainable and resilient municipal and urban development, especially with regard to strengthening the role of young people in these processes.

For this purpose, a specific focus is placed on individual learning processes of pupils and students in the sense of project- and experience-based learning as well as on joint collaborative and social learning processes between pupils and students and various local actors, especially employees of local city administrations. Sustainability dilemmas offer exemplary learning opportunities for the development of competencies and the experimenting with participatory formats.

In order to address the question of learning processes between different municipalities as well as the applicability of real-world laboratory-like approaches in different contexts, the project is conducted in cooperation with universities, municipalities and schools from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and with Lüneburg as the "reference municipality" in Germany.

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