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Under the auspices of International Day of Education, ISDL and UNESCO Chair in HESD has kickstarted a series of conversations on building forward better through ESD and to highlight the role of Global South-North partnership to achieve Agenda 2030. This dialogue series called “In Conversation with” raises pertinent questions on how can ESD respond to build forward better, how can learners especially COVID 19 generation participate in this transformation and what needs to change so that humanity learns its lesson from this global unprecedented catastrophe.

Education for Sustainable Development and COVID-19: ISDL & UNESCO Chair in Higher Education Dialogue Series

We invite experts to share research, practices, solutions about how the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) can respond to various challenges stemming from the COVID-19 crisis.  While each webinar addresses different topics pertaining to sustainability learnings, all webinar sessions contribute set of recommendations for policy makers, researchers and practitioners.

The calls for role of education in inclusive reconstruction and transformation in recovery from COVID-19 have amplified since the pandemic began, and is recognized to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for education. But can we achieve this transformation with education and learning, and if so what will it take?

In the year 2019, UNESCO adopted the ‘ESD for 2030’ framework. This framework identifies Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a key enabler of all the 17 SDGs and as a measure of educational quality. Role of ESD in building forward better with past and present considerations towards a resilient and sustainable future is greater and urgent than ever before

ISDL and UNESCO Chair in Higher Education invite you to dialogue series on ESD for 2030 and COVID-19” This dialogue series creates a space for researchers, education stakeholders, policy makers and practitioners to share and disseminate research, evidence-based responses and policy recommendations on the role of ESD in building forward better. This dialogue series explores role of sustainability learning in addressing challenges faced at the global, regional, and national levels in the context of the pandemic and generating solutions for inclusive re-generation.

Distinctive features of this dialogue series are:

  • Leading international expert, academician, policy maker presents their research, perspectives and solutions based or oriented  in sustainability learning to build forward better from COVID-19
  • Defined topic on ESD for 2030 framework/sustainability learning with strong regional focus and bearing global importance presented to the audience in a quick presentation
  • Solution focused discussion generating hope and providing practical solutions on making differences at all levels
  • Diverse voices from all regions and perspectives represented in the dialogue
ISDL in Conversation with Mirian Vilela ©ISDL
ISDL in Conversation with Mirian Vilela

Format: One hour once a month (most likely on third Thursdays)

Moderator: ISDL Team

Organisers: Institute for Sustainable Development and Learning at Leuphana University of Lueneburg in Germany and UNESCO Chair in Higher Education for Sustainable Development hosted at Leuphana University of Lueneburg

This dialogue series started in the month of February 2021 and will be organized each month to generate critical conversations on role of ESD in building forward better. The dialogue series is aimed at teachers, practitioners, researchers, policy makers, policy advisors who are interested or working in the field of learning for sustainable development.

For any further query, please write to isdl@leuphana.de