tdAcademy is a knowledge and exchange platform on transdisciplinary research. tdAcademy strengthens the knowledge base, further development and networking in transdisciplinary research via a working mode that closely interlinks the modules "Research", "Enable" and "Connect" with their various activities. Read more

Postdoc Academy for Transdisciplinary Leadership

The Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership is an initiative of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and a joint project of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and four academic centres. Read more

Workshop Series “Sustainability & Digitalization”

Digital change comes with manifold consequences of which many are closely linked to the sustainability agenda. How these links can be better understood and what necessary conditions and contextual factors might influence transformations towards a sustainable and digitalized Anthropocene will be the focus of a series of workshops. Read more

ESD Evaluation Course

Recognizing the importance of evaluation in the field of sustainability learning, ISDL and its partners are organizing the first ever summer school on ESD Evaluation aiming to build capacities and a network of practitioners towards the achievement of SDG 4.7. Over the past year, ISDL and member organizations of ESD Expert Network put together a curriculum on nested approach on ESD as evaluation which will reach to ESD researchers and evaluation professionals. The participants will work with experts to develop case studies on undertaking ESD evaluation in their diverse contexts. Read more 

"ESD for 2030: Learning for and in resilient and sustainable communities"

In April 2021, our new project "ESD for 2030: Learning for and in resilient and sustainable communities" started. The project, funded by The German Federal Environmental Foundation, aims at harnessing the potential of real-world laboratories and experiments as places of mutual learning processes for sustainable and resilient municipal and urban development, especially with regard to strengthening the role of young people in these processes. The project is conducted in an international cooperation with universities, municipalities and schools from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Read more.