Prof. Dr. Trevor Hastie: "Statistical Learning with Big Data"

04. Jul

Im Rahmen des Forschungskolloquiums Wirtschaftsinformatik und Data Science referiert Prof. Dr. Trevor Hastie, John A. Overdeck Professor, Professor of Statistics und Professor of Biomedical Data Science an der Stanford Universität über "Statistical Learning with Big Data".




Datum und Ort: 4. Juli 2018   14.15 Uhr  C40.256


As our ability to gather and store data improves, we are faced with the task of analysing these ever-growing mounds of information. This has required Statisticians to gain computing and database skills, and Engineers and Computer Scientists to learn statistical modeling and data analysis. The result is a data scientist, one of the hottest job-descriptions in the tech world. In this talk I will give some examples of big data and data-science challenges, and explore some approaches in detail.


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