Forschungskolloquium der Wirtschaftsinformatik

Forschungskolloquium der Wirtschaftsinformatik

29. Okt

Am 29.10.2020 findet um 12:15 Uhr virtuell das nächste Forschungskolloquium statt.

Als Vortragenden begrüßen wir Herrn Dr. Markus Weinmann, Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) zum Thema:

The Path of the Righteous: Online Fraud Influences Mouse Movements

Fraud is rampant, costing society billions of dollars annually. Fraud is also increasing as digital transformation moves more interaction and transactions online. By hiding behind the veil of the internet, people from anywhere in the world can commit fraud. Most modern fraud-detection methods analyze documents after submission using a variety of analytical approaches, flagging suspicious information for further investigation. Recent research has introduced a novel type of process data that can be used to assess people's intentions in real-time while entering online information: mouse movement data. We build on this growing research area to explore how collecting and analyzing mouse-movement data during online interactions (e.g., at the time of filling out a form) can be used to detect fraud. We report the results of two controlled studies, using vastly different tasks, in which participants could freely decide to commit fraud to benefit themselves financially while capturing participants' mouse-movement data. We found that participants moved their mouse significantly slower and with greater deviations when committing fraud than during nonfraudulent interactions (Study 1, N = 1,150; Study 2, N = 550). These results demonstrate the efficacy of extending the collection and analysis of mouse-movement data to detect fraud during online transactions.



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Foto Markus Weinmann ©Foto Markus Weinmann
Foto Markus Weinmann