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Museums and Theatres as Real Utopias

This lecture was held at the conference "The New Museum" (28/29 February 2020), organized by the Linden-Museum Stuttgart." It also deals critically with the ability of museums to think about the future of societies, especially as a place of visionary discourses.

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Arts between Production and Consumption – Keynote

Why do people visit art exhibitions?

The video journal and open access platform "Latest Thinking" ( asked me to share my insights about museum visitor studies. In a Q&A session lasting 15 minutes I replied to the question "Why Do People Visit Art Exhibitions?"  (May 9, 2017)

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Kultur für alle - Umsonst ins Museum?

Redezeit: NDR-Info am 11.05.2016 Anhören


The Unsustainability of Creative Cities?

CulturalBase. First Workshop on Creativity and Heritage. 2nd of October 2015, University of Barcelona. Ansehen (YouTube)


Keynote speaker at the 2013 CHE Methods Collaboratory

An Interview with Volker Kirchberg on The Interdisciplinary Study of Measuring and Analysing Visitor Experiences in Museums. 6th of March 2013, University of Melbourne, Australia. Ansehen (Vimeo)


Kultur heute - wieviel Luxus wollen wir uns leisten?

Loccumer Gespräche: NDR-Info am 02.07.2012 Anhören (Achtung, Link führt zum direkten Download der Datei (ca. 26 MB))


Culture and the Making of Worlds

ESA Conference. Round Table 9th October 2010, Università Bocconi, Milan, Italy. Ansehen (YouTube)


Räume für Kultur

Veranstaltungsreihe "Wie sieht die Stadt aus, in der wir leben wollen?" am 15.12.2009 Anhören