Destination Abroad

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Your Journey starts here

When studying English as a modern language, it is obligatory to complete a study-related stay abroad of three months. Organising your stay abroad can seem daunting at first. Which country should I choose? What kind of placement will work best for me - assistant teaching, a student exchange, a work placement?

These pages will give you an overview of the options available. You'll find useful information on how to start planning, plus a list of our numerous partner organisations that have welcomed Leuphana students before. Need some inspiration? Feel free to check out what students who've alredy completed their stay abroad have to say in our student experiences area.

The Process

Getting started is never easy. On the following pages we have listed what you have to do before, while and after you stay abroad to make sure you will get it recognised as study-relevant. More info...


You cannot find what you are looking for or have no idea what to do? We have a number of partnerships with institutions who have welcomed Leuphana students in the past. More info...

Internal log-in area

Search our internal log-in area reserved exclusively for students of Lehramt Englisch at the Leuphana. Use our interactive map to see where your fellow students have been on their stay abroad, learn of their experiences (also via direct contact) and get some potential placement contacts abroad! More info...


Student Experiences

Would you like to get in contact with students who already completed their stay abroad? Get a glimpse of their experiences in our videos and interviews here.

Additional Resources & Visa Information

You browsed the whole website and still don't have an idea what to do? Here is a list of useful agencies and websites that may just be what you were looking for. More info...

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions you cannot seem to find answers to? Check our Frequently Asked Questions for more info here.

Document Download & Questionnaire

Before leaving, get your stay abroad approved in the Destination Abroad office. After your return, be sure to get it recognised in the Studierendenservice. All the relevant paperwork can be found here.



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