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The project Destination Abroad is always looking for partners in English speaking countries that are willing to offer our students internships, work placements or teaching opportunities on a regular basis. 

If you are interested in participating, you are welcome to send us your contact details and an overview of the tasks that our students would be involved in. Please use the Partner Details form or, for more informations, contact us at

Project Details

  • Project Background
  • Our goals
  • Requirements for the Stay Abroad
  • How can partners benefit

Project Details

Project Background

It is compulsory for students studying to become English teachers in Lower Saxony, Germany to spend at least 12 consecutive weeks* in an English speaking country.

At the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, over 40 teacher-trainee students enrol annually at the Institute of English Studies (IES). The project Destination Abroad has been set up by the IES to support students in planning their stay abroad.

*2x 1,5 months blocks also possible if at least one of the stays is in a school environment

Our goals

We look to create interesting and rewarding internship and work placement opportunities in English-speaking countries that our students can apply for on a regular basis. We aim to create partnerships with:

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Kindergartens/Childcare centres
  • Volunteer Organisations and NGOs
  • Private Companies
  • Language Centres

Requirements for the Stay Abroad

  • Students must spend 12 consecutive weeks abroad
  • It is not necessary for students to be involved in education-related activities
  • Students should have an opportunity to use and learn English in daily life

*2x 1,5 months blocks also possible if at least one of the stays is in a school environment

How can partners benefit

  • Students are competent English speakers
  • Students are competent, mostly native speakers, of German
  • As undergraduate teacher-trainee students, they have knowledge of teaching practice and educational theory
  • As foreign language students, they have an appreciation of culture
  • All students also have knowledge of a second subject (i.e. Maths/ Social Science/ Art/German/ Geography/ Politics/ Religion/ Biology/ Economics/ Music/ Sports/ Chemistry)
  • Students are motivated and enthusiastic about gaining work and life experience in a different cultural and professional setting


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