Contact the LinA-Lab by email ( or by dropping by during our office hours to check avaiability. Then complete the  borrowing form, get it signed by a professor/lecturer, and come along to the LinA-Lab to collect your equipment during our office hours. You may borrow all media or books for up to 4 weeks; a prolongation for 2 weeks is possible after consultation. For more information, please check here (Ausleihordnung)


Collection of audio and video data

  • Videocamera + accessories
  • Audio recording devices + accessories
  • Audio recording devices for smartphones
  • Wide-angle camera lenses
  • Tripods for cameras and smartphones

Analyse of linguistic data

a) Transcription

  • Software: f4, f4-analyse, f5, f5-analyse, MAXQDa
  • Hardware: pedals, earphones

b) Language corpora

  • English language corpora
  • English learner language corpora
  • Overview


  • Specialist books on linguistics, various sections incl. corpora
  • Transcription
  • Dictionaries
  • Research design, research instruments (e.g. interviews, questionnaires), statistics