Assistant Teaching

Pädagogischer Austauschdienst

Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr


Financial Support

(a) Support for stay at partner universities:

- Fee waivers are available (for Leuphana students abroad, as well as for foreign students at Leuphana)

- Erasmus+ support is available for all exchange programmes in Europe (Note: stays in the UK will be funded only until May 2023)

- PROMOS semester bursaries are available for countries outside Europe (DAAD; apply through the International Office)

- Further bursaries are available (mostly for 1-year stays abroad)

- BAföG for stays abroad (depending on income)

- For stays abroad during the MA (or other type of Zweitstudium) some costs can be detracted in your first tax return

(b) Support for internships abroad

- Support for internships directly arranged by the students (1-6 months; Lehramt, all subjects and type of schools). Apply directly to DAAD:

- Support for internships directly arranged by the students in Europe (2-12 months). Apply through the Leuphana International Office. Info:

-Support for and offer of foreign language assistantships (5-11 months). Apply to the Pedagogical Exchange Service :

International Office contact person: Frau Eva Vosshagen