Quantitative Modeling of Psychopathology Using Passively Collected Data

Call for Paper


The Call for Paper "Quantitative Modeling of Psychopathology Using Passively Collected Data" in Frontiers in Psychology aims to leverage individual passively available data (e.g., usage data from smartphones and wearables) in assessing and improving mental health. Potential contributions will highlight how passive data sources can contribute to improved prediction and understanding of mental health using innovative machine learning techniques.

Traditional mental health surveys are cross-sectional and rarely capture data over time. Recently, approaches have been developed that periodically ask individuals to provide self-assessments on psychological constructs (Ecological Momentary Assessments). However, these methods involve considerable effort on the part of participants. Passively collected data can help. They come from a variety of sources, including smartphone and wearable sensors, electronic health records, or social media data. With the consent of participants*, these data can map behavioral, social, and physiological factors longitudinally with minimal effort on the part of individuals under real-world conditions. We look forward to receiving numerous submissions. For questions about the CfP, contact Burkhardt Funk.