Rethinking Higher Education - Dialogue Series

2022-08-05 The  UNESCO Chair at Leuphana and International Association of Universities present a video on conversations with key stakeholders of higher education on challenges, opportunities and scope for higher education to make stronger impacts towards sustainability.

From February to May this year, as part of the Rethinking Higher Education Dialogue series, ISDL team member Edali Cardenas Beltran  interviewed diverse  stakeholders  to  understand  their perspectives on the role of  higher education amidst ever-increasing complexities. This video is a compilation of key messages from these diverse stakeholders  across the globe to unlearn and learn towards sustainability pathways.  The Rethinking Higher Education Dialogue series aims to connect the missing dots and bring diverse voices together on higher education for sustainability.

Apart from the speakers, this video would have not been possible without Oğuzhan Karagöz in Leuphana Communications who compiled the conversations in form of this video. Alejandro Velasco at Vechta University brainstormed on  the idea to initiate the Rethinking Higher Education dialogue series and here we are!!!

Apart from all team members who have worked on supporting the video creation, we are immensely  thankful to students and young people who are the biggest stakeholders in higher education, to all the partners of UNITWIN network on Education for Sustainable Development and Social Transformation

Please watch the video here: Rethinking Higher Education: Perspectives from key stakeholders - YouTube

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Leuphana University  Lüneburg is part of IAU's Global Cluster on Higher Education for Sustainable Development which seeks to promote the role and potential that HEIs globally have in order to achieve the SDGs and Agenda 2030.

Deepika Joon

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